Quick Start

  • Node.js 18.x (recommended).
  • Yarn (recommended).
  • Do not delete the any file in (package-lock.json / yarn.lock) the folder.

(JavaScript / TypeScript)
Create React App
Create React App
Installyarn install or npm iyarn install or npm iyarn install or npm i --legacy-peer-deps
Startyarn dev or npm run devyarn start or npm startyarn start or npm start
Buildyarn build or npm run build


For React Create App (CRA) version:

  • CRA has not been updated or maintained for a long time (https://github.com/reactjs/react.dev/pull/5487).
  • Migrating to vite.js or next.js is recommended.
  • Contact us to get the CRA version if needed. We will not guarantee for dependent versions related to CRA.


This project is just the user interface not including the backend and database.